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  • Trustworthy Chinese Suppliers
    In order to reduce trade risks for global buyers, all premium suppliers on Made-in-China.com are verified on-site by SGS, Bureau Veritas or TüV Rheinland, world's leading inspection companies. Global buyers can access to suppliers’ Audit Reports online for free to check their authentic information.
    Trade Easily and?Safely
    Trade Easily and?Safely
    We are designed to facilitate registered members to place, accept, conclude, manage and fulfill orders for the provision of products and services online.
    Success Stories
    Tell us your feedback or suggestions about Made-in-China.com or share your success story.
    Success Stories
    I have an excellent opinion of made-in-china.com
    Italy, Renato Multineddu
    Hello, you're right, but I have an excellent opinion of made-in-china.com, I've been registered since you started, many years ago. I remember that then you could buy a 350cc motorcycle with 60 US dollars! Now things have changed but your service is and has always been exceptional! I will certainly use your excellent service again. Congratulations.?
    I think you have done a professional job
    United States, Alfred Aflatooni, MD.
    I think you have done a professional job with great deal of simplicity, much superior than AMAZON, considering your global reach. The system is seamless, fast and without error. CONGRATULATION. Even me as a novice in technology can use the system without any difficulty.?
    Thank you so much for your support
    Portugal, Joaquim Brás Gomes
    Good Morning - Made-in-China.com. Thank you so much for your support. I am very pleased with your guidance. True, I've already asked for a quote for the Two Hearts Medal. Everyone who answered me did so very cordially. I am hoping that I will still receive more replies to my requests. I already have 6 budgets selected, with very good quality. I am analyzing in more detail all the commercial proposals. Soon I will give more information.
    Awesome experience
    My experience with made-in-china.com over last year has been nothing but an awesome one. We regard to goods I sourced, searched and helping getting in contact with suppliers of goods are searched for is a great thing. My pleasure to thank made-in-china.com and all its workers for such a wonderful job done. We wish this year will also bring laughter to all of our faces despite the crisis we are in now. We are with you china and believe in you. Thank you very much.
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